Materials for Downloading

Guidance Documents:
 Form Number  Form Name
OMB 1029-0119 Applicant Violater System (AVS)
OMB 1029-0119 Instructions for Applicant Violater System Form
DMLR-AML-090 Standard Bid Bond
DMLR-AML-199 Application for Payment - Cover Sheet
DMLR-AML-199A Addendum to Application for Payment
DMLR-AML-199B Addendum to Application for Payment - Schedule
DMLR-AML-199C Addendum to Application for Payment - Material Storage
DMLR-AML-314 Affidavit of Payment
Department of General Services Forms used by AML
 Form Number  Form Name
 DGS-30-004  Architectural / Engineering Firm Data
 DGS-30-076  Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance
 DGS-30-084  Standard Performance Bond
 DGS-30-088  Standard Labor & Material Payment Bond
Mined Land Repurposing Forms
 Form Number  Form Name
 DMLR-211  Application for Exemption Determination
 DMLR-BCME-03  Application for Recertification - DMLR Endorsement - Blaster's Certification
 DMLR-BCME-04  Application for DMLR Endorsement - Blaster's Certification - (Coal Surface Mining Operation)
 DMLR-ENF-032v  Vibration Observations
 DMLR-PT-011  Operator's Seeding Report
 DMLR-PT-012  Analysis - Premining vs Postmining Hayland
 DMLR-PT-013  Surety Bond
 DMLR-PT-013A  Surety Bond - Federal Lands
 DMLR-PT-013B  Surety Bond Rider
 DMLR-PT-026  Certificate of Deposit
 DMLR-PT-026A  Form Letter from Banks Issuing a Certificate of Deposit for Mining on Federal Lands
 DMLR-PT-027  Request for Relinquishment
 DMLR-PT-027A  Request for PMU Relinquishment
 DMLR-PT-030  Water Supply Inventory List
 DMLR-PT-034d  Permit Application Certification
 DMLR-PT-034info  Request for DMLR Permit Data
 DVD-034D  Diversion Information & Design Data Sheet
 GDM-034D  Discharge Measurements Sheet
 GSD-034D  Geologic Stratigraphic Data Sheet
 GWB-034D  Ground Water Baseline Data Summary
 NMS-034D  Need and Market Survey
 PSS-034D  Proposed Sediment Structures
 RFB-034D  Rainfall Baseline Data
 SBD-034D  Sediment Basin Design Data Sheet
 SPD-034D  Soils Profile Data Sheet
 SWB-034D  Surface Water Baseline Data Summary
 VSS-034D  Stream Survey Data Sheet
 WCD-034D  Well Construction Data Sheet
 WSI-034D  Water Supply Inventory List
 BLD-034D  Application for a Coal Surface Mining & Reclamation Permit Blasting Plan Data
 DMLR-PT-053  Well Construction Data Sheet
 DMLR-PT-062  Coal Exploration Permit
 DMLR-PT-086  Sediment Basin Design Sheet
 DMLR-PT-092  Impoundment Construction & Annual Cert. Form
 DMLR-PT-104  Pre-Blast Survey
 DMLR-PT-105  Excess Spoil Fills & Refuse Embankments Construction Certification
 DMLR-PT-111  Stage Area Storage Computations
 DMLR-PT-119  NPDES Discharge Monitoring Report
 DMLR-PT-119C  Water Monitoring Report - Electronic File/Printout Certification
 DMLR-PT-128  Application - NPDES
 DMLR-PT-128A  Application Instructions - NPDES
 DMLR-PT-162  Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund Application
 DMLR-PT-167  Conditions - Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund
 DMLR-PT-178  Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund Tax Reporting Form
 DMLR-PT-210  Surface Water Monitoring Report Sheet
 DMLR-PT-212  Application for Performance Bond Release
 DMLR-PT-219  Public Notice: Application for Transfer, Assignment, or Sale of Permit Rights under Chapter 19, Title 45.1
 DMLR-PT-224  Line Transect for Forest Land Count
 DMLR-PT-225  Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Chapter 19, Phase I
 DMLR-PT-226  Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Chapter 19, Phase II
 DMLR-PT-227  Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Chapter 19, Phase III
 DMLR-PT-228  Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Incremental Reduction
 DMLR-PT-233  Certification of Stream Channel Diversions
 DMLR-PT-236 Public Display of Application
 DMLR-PT-239 Quarterly Acid-Base Monitoring Report
 DMLR-PT-240  Affidavit (Permit Application Information: Ownership & Control & Violation History)
 DMLR-PT-244  Affidavit (Reclamation Fee Payment)
 DMLR-PT-250  Affidavit (No Change in a Company's Legal Identity)
 DMLR-PT-251  Impoundment Inspection Report
 DMLR-PT-255  Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
 DMLR-PT-255A  Confirmation of Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
 DMLR-PT-265  Permittee Consent to Service By Electronic Mail