Guidance Documents

Operator's Manual PDF
Communication Memoranda PDF
Laws and Regulations Link

Information Pamphlets & Brochures
Minimizing the Off-Site Effects of Blasting PDF
Training and Certification Program PDF
Citizen's Guide to Complaint Resolution PDF
Independent Contractors PDF
Public Hearing Information PDF
Tracking of Mud and Debris onto Public Roads PDF
New Permits PDF
Permit Transfers PDF
Permit Fees PDF
Abandoned Mineral Mine Lands PDF
Mineral Mining Reclamation Awards Program PDF
VDOT Road and Construction Projects PDF
Virginia Mineral Mine Waiver Program PDF
General Mineral Miner Roster for Outside Instructors PDF

Training Materials
Surface Blaster Study Guide PDF
Surface Foreman Study Guide PDF
Safety Training Presentations Link
Safety & Accident Alerts Link
Video Lending Library PDF

Mine Inspector Area Map PDF
Report Mine Safety Violation Poster PDF

Printable Forms

New Permit
Permit/License Application DMM-101 PDF
Permit/License Application For Sand & Gravel < 10 Acres Only DMM-168 PDF
Notice of Application to Mine DMM-103 PDF
Bond Form DMM-107 PDF
Irrevocable Letter of Credit Form DMM-108 PDF
Certificate of Deposit DMM-169 PDF
Map Legend DMM-109 PDF
DMM Application Checklist DMM-148 PDF
Contractor Identification Form DMM-166 PDF

Permit Renewal
License Renewal Application DMM-157 PDF
Yearly Progress Report DMM-105 PDF
Map Legend DMM-109 PDF
Statement of no map changes DMM-164 PDF
Surety Rider DMM-167 PDF
Contractor Identification Form DMM-166 PDF

Permit Transfer
License Renewal Application DMM-157 PDF
Relinquishment of Mining Permit DMM-112 PDF
Permit Transfer Acceptance Form DMM-161 PDF
Annual Tonnage Report DMM-146 PDF

Annual Reporting
Annual Tonnage Report DMM-146 PDF
Contractor Annual Report DMM-146C PDF

Permit Amendment
Request for Amendment DMM-113 PDF
Notice of Operator Intent DMM-156 PDF

Uranium Exploration
Application for Uranium Exploration Permit DMM-U-1 PDF
Uranium Exploration Hole Report of Plugging Completion DMM-U-5 PDF
Exploration Hole Plat Certification Legend DMM-U-6 PDF
Uranium Exploration Drill Hole Completion DMM-U-7 PDF
Uranium Exploration Surety Bond DMM-U-B PDF

Accident Reporting
Accident Form DMM-104C PDF

Contractor Forms
Contractor Registration/Update DMM-166 PDF
Annual Report for Contractors DMM-146c
Instructions for Annual Report for Contractors PDF

Certification Forms
Application for Certification Examination DMM-BMME-1 PDF
Verification of Work Experience DMM-BMME-2 PDF
Application for Renewal DMM-BMME-3 PDF
Application for DMM Reciprocity DMM-200 PDF