Resource Materials and Guidance Documents

Laws and Regulations Link

Disbursement Updates
IRS Form W-9 PDF
Escheatment List Link
List of Payments Withheld Due to Missing or Incomplete W-9s Link
HB 2058 Coalbed methane gas; release of funds held in escrow or suspense Link

Horizontal Well Documents
Field Rules and Guidelines
VGOB Southwest Virginia Horizontal – 1 Field Rules Order PDF
Guidelines for the SWVH-1 Horizontal Field Rules permit submittals PDF
Abbs Valley ZIP
Beatrice Mine ZIP
Buch 1 ZIP
Early Grove ZIP
Flatwoods ZIP
Kegley Farm ZIP
Lee County Oil Wells ZIP
Longwall Units ZIP
Middle Ridge ZIP
Nora ZIP
Oakwood ZIP
Pilgrims Knob ZIP
Roaring Fork ZIP
Short Hole Units ZIP
Stones River ZIP
Field Orders Chronological History, December 17, 1996 PDF
Map Data
SWVH-1 Field Boundary Shapefile
SWVH-1 20 Acre Grid Shapefile
Document Templates and Examples
Plat Template (DWG format) ZIP
Plat Example PDF
Plat with Topography Example PDF
Unit Coordinate Spreadsheet Template Excel
Unit Coordinate Example PDF