Guidance Documents

Laws and Regulations Link

Disbursement Updates
IRS Form W-9 PDF
Escheatment List Link
List of Payments Withheld Due to Missing or Incomplete W-9s Link
HB 2058 Coalbed methane gas; release of funds held in escrow or suspense Link

Horizontal Well Documents
Field Rules and Guidelines
VGOB Southwest Virginia Horizontal – 1 Field Rules Order PDF
Guidelines for the SWVH-1 Horizontal Field Rules permit submittals PDF
Map Data
SWVH-1 Field Boundary Shapefile
SWVH-1 20 Acre Grid Shapefile
Document Templates and Examples
Plat Template (DWG format) ZIP
Plat Example PDF
Plat with Topography Example PDF
Unit Coordinate Spreadsheet Template Excel
Unit Coordinate Example PDF