Mineral Mining and the VTCA jointly sponsor an annual mined land reclamation awards program. Mine operations that have performed exemplary, or innovative reclamation of lands previously disturbed for mining are nominated by their respective mine inspectors for awards in quarry and non-quarry categories. Operations that win the overall state award go on to compete with mining operations from other states for national awards. Virginia mining operations have been awarded numerous national reclamation awards. Our operations are considered to be leaders in returning mined land to productive uses.

Our 2023 Reclamation Award Winners:

Please join us in congratulating these award winners for their hard work and for their contributions to keeping our environment healthy and beautiful in the Commonwealth!

Overall Winner and Best Quarry:
C.S. Mundy- Star Tannery Mine- Frederick County

Reclamation Award Winner

2023  Reclamation Overall Winner and best Quarry Award Winner: C.S. Mundy
The Star Tannery Mine is owned by C.S. Mundy Eagle Corporation. When reclamation began in 2012, the company faced several issues in getting the proper slope for erosion control in an area where mining was complete. A difficult soil base and lack of top soil meant extra time, money and experts were needed. The crew at the Star Tannery Mine did not quit and in 2022, their efforts paid off. The area was properly reclaimed with all water protections in place.

Best Non-Quarry:
C.H. Schriber Contracting, Inc. - Providence Forge Pit- Charles City County

Reclamation Award Winner

2022  Best Non-Quarry Award Winner: Glover Materials Inc
The Providence Forge Pit took on reclamation of an older mining pit for a very creative post mining land use. Owned by C.H. Scriber Contracting, Inc., the pit was reclaimed for a business expansion at the site. It will also provide a plot for recreational hunting. The pit had been reclaimed to regulatory requirements, so this effort was above and beyond.

Honorable Mentions- Quarry:
Martin Marietta’s Doswell Plant increased the value of the land where they once mined. Near important landmarks such as the North Anna Battlefield park, the mine uses native grasses near the active mining area to ensure erosion control. The company also took great efforts to reclaimed an area where several thousand cubic yards of overburden had to be removed for mining. Grasses were planted there, a sloped drain was installed and and a pond was constructed to capture any sediment leaving the site.

Honorable Mentions- Non-Quarry:
Walker Sand & Stone Inc.’s Mine #1 in Culpepper has a history of simultaneously mining and reclaiming. Where sand was once removed to be sold, homes and pastures now exist. A portion of their mining area was also reclaimed as a wildlife conservation area.

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