Location of gypsum extracation site

Gypsum is a hydrated calcium sulfate: CaSO4·2(H2O).  It is commonly used for making plaster, wallboard and in the production of portland cement. 

Year of first production in Virginia: around 1890
Location of first production in Virginia
Smyth and Washington Counties
Year of last production in Virginia:
Location of last production in Virginia
Smyth County

Gypsum was extracted from the Mississippian-aged MacCrady Formation (~350 millions years old), where it occurred as isolated masses surrounded by gray shale and red clays.  U. S. Gypsum, the nation’s largest wallboard producer, closed its Locust Cove mine near Rich Valley in Smyth County in 1999.  It supplied gypsum to a wallboard plant in nearby Plasterco, Virginia.  The mine was a slope-entry underground mine that extended more than 800 feet below the surface.  The mine utilized the modified room-and-pillar sublevel stopping mining method.  Final production in 1999 was approximately 304 thousand tons.


Gypsum production in Virginia, 1986-1999.

Gypsum production, 1983-1999.



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