Demand response (DR) pays Commonwealth of Virginia buildings and facilities to conserve or shift electricity use in response to grid signals. These signals can be triggered by high electricity demand, inadequate energy supply, high electricity prices and high emissions. DR serves as a lifeline for Virginia's grid operator and utilities to prevent blackouts or electricity service interruptions which can be extremely disruptive, even deadly, to businesses and residents.

Having hundreds of facilities across Virginia conserve or shift electricity use creates a virtual power plant that can be leveraged for emergency and routine grid reliability. Just like power plants get paid to provide energy, Commonwealth of Virginia facilities get paid to conserve or shift energy to relieve strain on the grid.

Voltus has been selected by the Commonwealth of Virginia to manage its DR participation. Voltus will help the Commonwealth of Virginia's facilities earn energy revenue and savings. Over 400 Commonwealth of Virginia facilities across airports, universities, K-12 schools, municipal buildings and waste/water treatment and recycling plants will have the opportunity to enroll in value-generating opportunities.

The Commonwealth of Virginia selected Voltus because Voltus offered technology to make DR participation easier and more DR programs, which increased their overall earnings potential.

Over the past three years, Virginia's Demand Response participation has generated more than $20 million in revenue for the state.

The Commonwealth of Virginia selected Voltus as the Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) to deliver Demand Response programs. This program is available to state agencies and public localities that are willing and able to reduce electrical load when grid reliability is threatened. Virginia Energy and Voltus work together to meet sustainability goals. Virginia Energy manages the program through Voltus to help the state come closer to meeting its sustainability goals and support the programs that benefit Virginia's citizens every day.