Demand Response Program

Demand Response programs pay facilities to reduce energy load during times of grid stress or high energy prices. Sometimes, the demand for energy outpaces the grid's ability to supply it, causing brownouts or blackouts. Instead of producing more energy at great expense to consumers and the environment, the grid operator can offset the imbalance by reducing the amount of electricity being consumed when demand exceeds supply.

Over the past three years, Virginia's Demand Response participation has generated more than $20 million in revenue for the state.

The Commonwealth of Virginia selected CPower Energy Management as the Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) to deliver Demand Response programs. This program is available to state agencies and public localities that are willing and able to reduce electrical load when grid reliability is threatened. Virginia Energy and CPower work together to meet sustainability goals. Virginia Energy manages the program through CPower to help the state come closer to meeting its sustainability goals and support the programs that benefit Virginia’s citizens every day.

Walid M. Daniel, PE, CEM

Utilities and Performance Manager

Virginia Energy


Kam Tower

 Account Executive