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Spacer ImagePublication 030: Geology of the Hanover Academy Quadrangle, Virginia
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by R.E. Weems, folded 43 x 29-inch color 1:24,000-scale geologic map with explanation, 1981. Geologic map and explanation describe the geology of the Hanover Academy quadrangle, Hanover County. Brief discussion of the stratigraphy, economic geology, and environmental geology of the area. Rock types in the quadrangle include: five gneisses of Precambrian or Lower Paleozoic age, the Petersburg Granite and mylonites, Triassic-age rocks of the Doswell Formation, Jurassic diabase dikes, and Quaternary/Tertiary gravel and sand. Materials of economic interest include gravel, crushed and dimension stone, iron, mica, coal, and zircon. Map depicts active crushed stone and dimension stone localities as well as inactive crushed stone and coal mines, and prospects for muscovite and zircon. Rock repository sample location with model analyses plotted.
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