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Spacer ImageBulletin 058: Chloride in ground water in the Coastal Plain of Virginia
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by D.J. Cederstrom, 36 pages, 4 plates, 5 figures, 14 tables, 1943. This report describes the occurrence of saline waters (those that contain more than 40 parts per million of chloride) in the Virginia Coastal Plain, dealing mostly with the artesian waters obtained from the Potomac and Pamunkey Formations. Information is given on the proper procedure for developing large well-water supplies in or near the high chloride zone and the dangers to be avoided. A section on the occurrence of chloride in shallow well waters in coastal areas is also included. Plate 3 is a map showing zone of high salinity in artesian wells in the Virginia Coastal Plains, specifically in Mathews, Gloucester, and James City counties, and Hampton and Virginia Beach.
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