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Spacer ImageBulletin 084: Stratigraphy and Coal Beds of Upper Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian Rocks in Southwestern Virginia
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M.S. Miller, 6 x 9-inch soft cover book, 211 pages, seven plates include stratigraphic sections with interpreted drill hole data, 59 ļ¬gures, two tables, 1974. The stratigraphy and coal beds of Upper Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian rocks in Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise counties in southwestern Virginia were studied primarily by examining cuttings from oil and gas tests and core samples from coal exploration tests. The rocks that were studied range from the base of the Upper Mississippian Greenbrier Limestone to the top of the Lower Pennsylvanian Norton Formation. Detailed work concentrated on the stratigraphic sequence between the Little Stone Gap Member of the Hinton Fm (Mississippian) and the top of the Kennedy coal bed of the Lee and Norton formations (Pennsylvanian). The occurrence of the highly regarded Pocahontas coals can be predicted by recognizing the stratigraphic position of the unconformity at the base of the Lee Formation, whereas the predictability of Lee coals is best made by establishing paleoenvironmental patterns. Of the coals studied, the Pocahontas No. 3 and War Creek coals have the greatest economic potential.
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